How to write an apology letter to the boss

Updated March 23, 2017

An employee might find herself writing an apology letter to her boss after some type of incident happens. When something like this happens, the employee writes a heartfelt letter to her boss describing the incident, apologising and attempting to preserve the relationship. If an incident occurs, write the letter as soon as possible, which reinforces the value you place on your job and the boss. Focus the letter on what will fix the situation and keep the letter short and sincere.

Address the letter. Direct the letter straight to your boss by using the word "Dear" followed by her name.

Begin by stating brief facts about yourself. Start the letter by saying how long you have worked for the company. Offer a sentence or two regarding your character and how it has been established throughout the length of employment.

Explain the purpose for the letter. Tell your boss that you are writing this letter to explain an incident that occurred.

Describe the incident briefly. Common reasons for writing apology letters are when an employee hurts someone's feelings, misses a deadline or misses an important meeting.

Focus on ways to rectify the situation. Take responsibility and offer suggestions about how you intend to improve matters or solve any problems that you have caused. Apologise sincerely for the event and assure your boss that you will do everything in your power to never let it happen again.

Explain that if the apology is not enough, you are willing to face whatever consequences your boss may deem necessary.

Thank your boss for his time and consideration. Sign the letter "Sincerely" followed by your name.

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