Keeping Wasps Away From a Swimming Pool

Updated April 17, 2017

Long, hot summer days by the pool need no punctuation from pests. The heat of these days brings more than just people to your pool area. Wasps come to your pool seeking water and can be annoying, sometimes painful pests. Wasps can come from just about anywhere into your yard and pool area, and short of screening in your pool, you cannot control their arrival. Wasps and bees are pollinators, so you should kill them as a last resort. Luckily, you can hasten their departure from your pool, using a few tricks.

Gather four 113gr cups and eight small stones. Enable the wasp's survival by putting two stones into each cup and filling the cups with water, leaving the tops of the stones exposed to the air so that the wasps can escape the water.

Place the pedestals equidistantly around the pool in sunny areas. If you have a garden, putting the pedestals near patches of blue, white or yellow flowers will increase the wasp's usage of your bee baths for water instead of your pool.

Place one water and stone filled cup on each pedestal. Cover your pool for two days to give the wasps' time to get used to drinking from the cups instead of the pool. Remove the pool cover and enjoy your pool once again.

Purchase an environmentally friendly insecticide from your local market. Make sure that the insecticide you buy is has a spraying distance of at least 20-ft, if you are allergic to wasps.

Locate all of the wasp nests in your yard. Return to the wasps' nests that night with your can of insecticide. Spray the nests until well coated with the insecticide. Leave the poisoned nests alone for a day after spraying them.

Remove the nests from their locations. Dispose of them in the trash, or compost them if your insecticide is organic and compostable.

Screen your pool in to keep wasps and all other bugs out of your pool. Burn citronella candles near any screen doors to prevent wasps from wanting to come near the door. Enter and exit the pool area through your screen door without fear of wasps.

Change your pool's composition from chlorinated water to salt water. Thirsty insects will drink chlorinated water and survive; they will not drink salt water.

Burn citronella torches to prevent wasps from entering your pool area. Encircle the pool with them by planting them in the ground where the pool deck ends. The smoke will repel the wasps.


Grow citronella plants in your yard to repel unwanted insects. Drain your bee baths and remove the rocks. Fill them with beer or soapy water to trap and drown insects.

Things You'll Need

  • 1247gr cups
  • 8 small stones
  • 3 3-ft pedestals
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Earth-friendly Pesticide
  • Pool cover
  • Citronella candles or torches
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