How to Increase Breast Firmness

Increasing breast firmness after childbirth or weight gain is a challenge for many women. Since breasts are primarily fat, it is difficult to regain elasticity once it is lost. There are creams that promise fast breast firming, but focus your energy instead on exercises and other methods to provide more consistent results. With dedication, a woman can improve the overall appearance of her breasts.

Improve daily posture. Slouching and bending reduces the elasticity in your breasts. Stand up straight and avoid doing exercises or activities that cause the breasts to hang down.

Provide your breasts with proper support. Wear a support bra during the day and at night to keep your breasts lifted. When you are going out, and a sports bra is not appropriate, wear a custom-fitted bra. If you are unable to sleep in a bra, lay on your back to keep weight off of your breasts.

Massage breasts daily with lotion. Keeping your breasts moisturised will increase the firmness of the breasts. The massaging will also improve the texture of the breasts' sensitive skin. If lotion does not produce any results, try massaging your breasts three times each week with tea tree or shea oil.

Lose weight slowly over a period of weeks or months. Rapid weight loss is just as harmful to the breasts as unexpected weight gain. Losing weight quickly will reduce the firmness of the breasts. Concentrate on losing weight through reasonable dieting and moderate exercise. Avoid fad diets which cause fast weight loss in a short period.

Exercise pectoral and back muscles. Since the breasts do not have muscles, concentrate on exercising the muscles that provide lift and support to the breasts. Perform chest and back strengthening exercises every other day to lift the breasts gradually.


If natural remedies and exercise do not work, consult your physician for advice.


Test oil and lotion on a small patch of skin for possible allergens before using it.

Things You'll Need

  • Sports Bra
  • Custom Fitted Bra
  • Lotion
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Shea Oil
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