How to Care for a Potted Freesia After Blooming

Freesias produce a graceful flower spike of delicate blooms. The flowers grow along one side of the spike, but the spike bends so the blossoms all face upright. Potted freesias are forced into bloom in late winter to provide indoor colour during the cold season. The freesia grows from a bulblike structure called a corm. The corm collects and stores nutrients after flowering before entering a period of dormancy. Proper after-bloom care helps ensure the next season brings ample blossoms and healthy foliage.

Cut off the flower heads once all the buds have produced flowers and after the flowers begin to wilt. Trim off the flower head but leave the remaining stalk in place.

Set the pot in an area that receives bright, all-day light, such as near a south-facing window. The leaves need plenty of sunlight after flowering to produce and store the necessary nutrients for the following year's blooming period.

Fertilise the freesias every two weeks with a soluble houseplant fertiliser. Apply the fertiliser at the rate indicated on the package.

Water the flowers when the top inch of soil in the pot feels dry. Empty the drainage saucer under the pot after each irrigation.

Cut back the foliage in late spring once it yellows and dies back on its own. Remove the foliage at the soil surface.

Store the pots in a dark 50 degree Fahrenheit location until you regrow the corms in late summer or early fall. Place the pots on their side during storage.


Outdoor freesias require similar after-bloom care as the potted plants, except the corms are dug and stored inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Shears
  • Fertiliser
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