How to Install a Towel Radiator

Updated February 21, 2017

Towel radiators serve several purposes: they keep your towels off the floor, they help your towels dry faster and keep them warm, and they provide heat to your bathroom. You can install a towel radiator yourself in a bathroom or any other location that needs it without too much trouble. The best location to do this in is a room that already has a radiator. In that case, you can simply remove the old, normal radiator, and replace it with a towel radiator.

Turn off the central boiler by shutting off the power. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the water inside the radiator system to cool.

Remove the old radiator if there is already one installed. Place towels on the floor around the radiator. Open up the radiator bleed screw at the top. Place a bowl or similar container underneath the radiator drain valve. Use a wrench to open the drain valve and drain the radiator into the bowl. Unscrew the couplings at either end of the radiator connecting it to the pipes. Loosen any screws holding the radiator to the wall. Lift the radiator off any retaining clips and set aside.

Mount the towel radiator on the wall with the mounting bracket. The directions will vary depending on the manufacturer. Drill holes if needed to hold the anchors with the power drill and insert the anchors. Have an assistant hold up the bracket on the wall while you screw in the mounting screws. Attach the radiator rail to the mounting bracket.

Measure the distance between the pipe valves and the inlets on the radiator. This is the distance that you will need to cover with any new piping material. If you are replacing a radiator with the same size towel radiator, you may not need any extra pipe material at all. Collect all the pipe pieces and fit them together in a dry run before assembling.

Apply pipe thread compound to the threads on the pipe pieces and fit them together so that the supply and outlet pipes for the home heating system connect to the inlet and outlet on the radiator. Tighten the couplings with a wrench.

Restore power to the central boiler. Bleed the new towel radiator by opening up the bleed screw until water begins dribbling out.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Power drill
  • Anchors
  • Screws
  • Plumbing fixtures (couplings, bends, elbow joints)
  • Pipe thread compound
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Towels
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