How to Remove the Caps of Child-Proof Bottles

Updated November 21, 2016

We live in a childproof world in which items from mouthwash to aspirin to vitamins come packaged in containers topped with caps or lids engineered so that children do not have easy access to contents. Unfortunately, these childproof covers sometimes prove to be adult-proof as well. They can be incredibly hard to open, especially for those who suffer from afflictions such as arthritis. Safety measures are necessary for individuals who have children, but for those who do not, become little more than annoyances.

Grasp the bottle tightly in two hands.

Squeeze and press down on the lid while simultaneously turning it. This action will engage the inner cap and allow you to "unlock" the bottle. Hold the bottle still or twist in the opposite direction of which you are twisting the cap.

Remove the cap.

Find arrows printed or moulded into the lid and on the body of the bottle.

Align the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the bottle.

Grasp the bottle firmly in both hands. Place both thumbs under the cap where the arrows line up. Using even pressure, force the cap from the bottle with your thumbs.

Grasp the bottle firmly in one hand.

Squeeze the lid between your thumb and bent pointer finger.

Turn the lid while maintaining pressure with your fingers. Remove it from the bottle.


Child-proof bottles can be made easier to open, but only if you do not have children in your home. Modifications can be made in a variety of ways, depending on specific types of bottles. For example, press a tack through a double, press-down-and-turn cap.

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