Petmate Automatic Feeder Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

The Petmate LeBistro Portion-Control Automatic Pet Feeder makes it easy to feed your pets when you cannot be there to do so. This programmable feeder can dispense up to three dry dog or cat food meals a day. With fast assembly, the LeBistro requires no tools for use. Programming is as simple as assembly, and can be catered to any owner or pet’s needs, based on time and portion amount.

Align the hopper, where the food will be contained, above the plastic base.

Insert the hopper into the base, twist and lock into place. The hopper should be level after insertion. Remove and retry insertion if it is tilted.

Line up the alignment arrows, located on the sides of the hopper, with the alignment arrows on the locking lid. Place the locking lid on top of the hopper, twist to the right until tight. Pull up on the lid to ensure proper locking.

Insert the bowl into the base by lowering the connecting hooks into the connection points located in the cutout portion on the front side of the base. The bowl is easily removable, so clicks will not be heard. Wiggle the bowl to ensure it is loosely secured.

Flip the base over, find and remove the battery cover. Insert three "D" alkaline batteries and replace the battery cover until it snaps secure. Switch the On/Off switch, located next to the battery cover, down to select "on." Flip the unit to its upright position.

Fill the hopper with up to 3.88 Kilogram of dry cat food for the cat version or up to 4.54 Kilogram of dry dog food for the dog version.

Press and hold the "enter" button until "Meals" begins to flash. Select the meal—breakfast, lunch or dinner—by pressing the up or down arrow buttons. Once the desired meal has been selected, press the enter button again. The word "Yes" will flash.

Press "enter" when “Yes” flashes to set the meal time. Press the down arrow to select the flashing "No" if no meal needs to be set, according to the Petmate LeBistro Instruction Manual.

Press the up or down arrows as the hour number flashes until the desired meal time is found. Press “enter.” The minutes will flash and are set the same way. Press “enter” when the minutes are set, and the menu will be redirected to the meal size options.

Press the up or down buttons when the "meal size" menu flashes to increase or decrease the amount of food to be given. Press “enter” to complete the setting. You can allow up to three cups of food per meal, depending on the pet's needs.

Repeat the steps above until all meals are set as needed. Press “enter” when complete, and the machine will enter "Automatic Mode."

Press the up arrow for three seconds to begin the manual feeding process whenever necessary. The food will be dispensed after holding the button, and the process can be repeated as needed.


Consult a veterinarian for proper feeding schedules and portions for a particular pet.


Use dry dog or cat food only in this machine. Wet or moist food will clog and damage it.

Things You'll Need

  • Dry dog or cat food
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