How do I Install Floor Lights in Wooden Flooring?

Updated February 21, 2017

Use LED lights to installing floor lights into hardwood floors. LEDs are small and can be installed into flooring so that they look like they are a part of the floor. The lights' flexibility allows you to determine the scope and the design of the floor lights. Arrange the floor lights in a pattern or randomly; this depends on the intended design. Install the lights from below the hardwood, as all the wiring will be housed there.

Design a pattern for the LED lights. Look at the hardwood floor and come up with a pattern for where the small LED lights will be placed. The lights will be mounted flush with the floor. Mark points on the floor where the LED lights will be housed using a pencil.

Purchase LED lights. Find a drill bit that matches the diameter of the LED light. The drill bit should be large enough to drill a hole into the floor that will snugly fit the LED light.

Drill holes into the hardwood floor where the pencil marks are. Drill straight down and not on an angle.

Go below the floor and insert LED lights into all the holes. Have a friend on the floor above make sure the lights are flush with the floor when they are pushed through.

Super glue the LED lights in place so that they remain flush and installed in the floor.

Connect wires to each LED light. Run the wires to an LED control unit. Plug the control unit into the wall. Test the system.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill with appropriately sized bits
  • LED lights
  • Super glue
  • Wiring
  • LED control unit
  • Pencil
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