How to Find a Leak in Plumbing Pipes Under Floors

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
How to Find a Leak in Plumbing Pipes Under Floors
Wetness or moisture on floors under carpets is a sign of a leaky pipes beneath the foundation. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A leak in the plumbing underneath the floors that make up the foundation of your house is often referred to a slab leak. Such a leak is a truly critical issue, since it can cause enormous damage as the water penetrates to the exterior of the foundation. The faster you detect the leak, the faster you can get it fixed and can essentially minimise the damage to your home. Finding such a leak means locating the telltale symptoms that you can feel, see and hear.

Shut off all the water in every area of your home. Shut off music, computers, television sets and other appliances that make a lot of noise. Shut the windows and doors. Listen very carefully in each room. If you hear the sound of water running or dripping, you have a leak in the plumbing under your floors.

Run your hand slowly across the surface area of each of your floors. An unexplained hot spot can indicate the presence of a pipe leaking hot water.

Examine your floors carefully. Look for cracks in the floors, which are indicative of areas where the leak is located.

Lift up your carpets and run your hand underneath the area where the carpets are located. If the area under the carpet feels moist, this indicates the location of your leaking pipes.

Look at your water bills for the past 12 months. A sudden unexplained spike in your water bills can indicate that you have a leak in the pipes under your floors.

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