How to use bed risers to raise the head of a bed

Updated February 21, 2017

Bed risers create more space under a bed by lifting the frame or legs off the floor. People with certain health problems also benefit from having the top or head of a bed higher than the foot. A bed raised in this way may relieve heartburn, sleeping conditions and acid reflux. A pair of people can raise the head of a bed with the installation of standard 3-inch to 4-inch bed risers.

Remove the bedding, mattress and box spring from the bed frame.

Lift up on one end of the head of the bed. Have another person lift the other end of the head of the bed.

Set one of the bed risers under the leg support at the head of the bed. Align the bottom of the leg support in the centre of the riser. Stack a second riser on top of the first to raise the bed even higher. When using a steel post-like bed riser, remove the caster or glide and insert the riser into the end of the bed-frame leg. Insert the caster or glide into the bottom of the steel riser.

Repeat Step 3 for the other end of the head of the bed.


Choose bed risers that support the weight and style of the bed. When using a caster bed riser, remove the old caster and follow product directions to install the high-rise caster.


Use only risers that are manufactured as stackables to raise the bed higher than one level of riser. Be sure a wooden bed frame can support the pressure of extra height or it may break.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 or 4 bed risers
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