How to anchor a wood post to concrete with brackets

Updated February 21, 2017

Wood posts are commonly used for attaching handrails to concrete steps and patios. The post secures to the top of the step or onto the patio surface via a mounting bracket. Drilling into the concrete will present the largest issue for this job. The actual installation of the wood to the bracket will be the easiest part.

Place the mounting bracket onto the concrete and mark each of the mounting holes with a pencil. Make sure you place the bracket in accordance with all building regulations in your area. For example, if placing the bracket on a stair tread, you must have the specific width of usable stair after installing the handrail.

Secure a hammer drill bit into your hammer drill. Drill a hole into the concrete slightly longer and larger in diameter than the Rawlbolts you plan to use. Drill a hole for each of the mounting locations.

Place anchors for each Rawlbolt into the holes. Set the mounting bracket over the holes and thread the Rawlbolts into the anchors. As you tighten the bolts with a spanner, the anchors spread apart in the concrete and secure the brackets.

Cut the wood to length with a mitre saw. Again, make sure you cut the wood long enough to meet regulations. For example, you must cut your wood long enough to mount a railing to it. Most areas have regulations on how high that railing must be.

Slide the wood into the bracket. Depending on the bracket you use, tighten the bolts that secure the bracket to the wood. Some brackets require the use of lag bolts. If this is the case, drill a pilot hole for the lag bolt and secure the wood to the bracket with the lag bolt and a spanner.

Things You'll Need

  • Post bracket
  • Hammer drill
  • Hammer drill bit
  • Rawlbolts
  • Spanner set
  • Mitre saw
  • Lag bolts
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