How to Cut a Hole in a Cement Cinder Block

Updated February 21, 2017

Breeze blocks are tough and durable masonry blocks, made with either one or two hollow cells inside. A common construction material, breeze block is used to construct walls. If you own a breeze block home, at some point you may need to cut a hole in the wall for a dryer vent or other addition. To cut a hole in a cement breeze block, you will need a carbide hole saw mounted to a heavy duty electric drill. The blades of the saw are specifically designed to cut hard materials, including breeze block.

Mark the location where you want to drill on the breeze block. Select a point that is along the centre line of the length of the block and near one end or the other to avoid cutting into the reinforcing strip in the centre of the breeze block.

Insert and clamp the bit of the carbide hole saw into the chuck of the heavy duty electric drill. Place the point of the pilot masonry drill in the centre of the hole saw at the point you want to start drilling. Align the drill so it points straight into the breeze block.

Start the drill, slowly at first, to establish a centre point in the breeze block. Increase both speed and pressure on the drill to start the pilot drill's cut into the block material.

Bring the edge of the carbide hole saw down to meet the breeze block as the pilot drill cuts through the block. Allow the saw to score a cutting ring on the surface of the block.

Increase the speed of the saw. Continue cutting until the hole saw cuts completely through the block. Stop and remove the saw from the hole. Remove the breeze block plug within the saw.


Always wear hearing and eye protection and gloves when cutting breeze blocks with a carbide hole saw.

Things You'll Need

  • Marker
  • Heavy duty electric drill
  • Carbide hole saw
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