How to Fix a Sprung Oven Door

Updated February 21, 2017

The spring-loaded hinges in oven doors can become overextended or sprang and prevent the door from closing. Overextension may occur when the side of the oven door is hit while it is in the open position. Powerful steel spring hinges inside the door must be reset before the door can be reinstalled. Attempting the reset without tools is difficult and dangerous. You can repair a sprang oven door in minutes without damage or injury.

Lean over the sprang oven door and grasp it by the sides. Pull the door away from the oven. The spring-loaded hinges may stay attached to the oven or the door itself.

Grip the end of the hinge firmly with a pair of locking pliers. Open the hinge fully until a tiny hole near the centre of the hinge is exposed. Insert half the length of a small cottar pin or nail into the tiny hole.

Repeat the process to fully extend the other spring-loaded door hinge with the locking pliers. Insert another cottar pin or nail into the second hinge.

Align the open door hinges with the door panel and oven. Slide the door back into position on the front of the oven. Remove the nails or cottar pins with the locking pliers.

Open and close the oven door to test the repair. Oven doors that still do not close properly may be warped and require replacement. Reset the springs a second time if they are still not retracting and lifting the door weight until it closes.


Spray a light coating of cooking oil spray on the hinges and springs to make them easier to open and close.


Keep your fingers out of the path of the hinges at all times.

Things You'll Need

  • Locking pliers or vice grips
  • 5/8-inch diameter cottar pins or nails
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