How to Repair Jack LaLanne Power Juicers

Updated February 21, 2017

The manufacturers of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer provide a list of problems that can occur when you are using this juicer. Along with these problems, they offer several solutions along with the reasons the problem may occur. It's not advisable to perform extensive repairs on this juicer; doing so may void the manufacturer's warranty. If unable to repair your juicer to working order, contact customer service for further troubleshooting and repair advice.

Allow the juicer to sit for at least 10 minutes if it shuts down during use. It has a built-in thermal cut off safety switch that shuts it down if it overheats to protect the motor. It should start operating again after it cools down.

Turn off the juicer and wait for the blade to stop moving if the juicer starts to overflow. Look inside the spout and remove the blockage to stop the overflow. Insert a toothpick into the spout to loosen the obstruction. This may happen if a piece of pulp passes through the filter into the spout.

Place the filter under warm running water to wash it and remove pulp if the motor starts to sound loud and the juicer starts shaking. Gently scrub the pulp out of the filter with a soft-bristled dish washing brush. Rinse the filter from the outside. Dry completely before placing the filter back in the juicer.

Remove residue from between the blade and the receptacle and any food stuck to the bottom of the pusher if the motor will not turn on. Check the assembly and reassemble the juicer, if necessary, to make sure it's properly assembled. Place the locking bar into place properly or the machine will not operate.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothpick
  • Soft-bristled dish washing brush
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