How to Remove CrossOver Trial Restriction

Written by lee prangnell | 13/05/2017

CodeWeavers Crossover is a suite of compatibility layer software applications that allow users to execute Windows applications on different computing platforms -- such as Apple Macintosh and Linux systems. The Crossover suite includes product titles such as Crossover Mac and Crossover Linux. To remove trial restriction of the program, you must purchase a licensed copy of the product from the official CodeWeavers website.

Open a CodeWeavers account.

Enter your e-mail address, name and enter a new password into the relevant fields.

Submit the form by clicking "Submit Login Form."

Visit the CodeWeavers Crossover store.

Select the Crossover product for which you require a license. This is achieved by selecting the quantity of the product and clicking "Add To Cart."

Choose your preferred method of payment -- either credit card or PayPal -- then press "Checkout."

Enter your contact details, choose "I am the end user" and click "To Step 2."

Confirm the method of payment by either entering your credit card details or confirming your PayPal financial information. Click "To Step 3."

Download and install the program. Once your payment information has been confirmed, you will receive a link with which you can download the program. Once you have installed the program with the relevant license information, you will have a full version of Crossover.

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