How to Create a Circuit Board for Kids

Updated July 20, 2017

An electronic circuit consists of passive and active electronic components and wires connecting these components. A passive component is the one that does not need a power source to work, for example a resistor or a capacitor. An electronic chip, on the other hand, is an active component that needs a power source to function. For educational purposes, simple electronic circuits can be constructed for kids using passive and active components on a breadboard.

Lay out your design of the circuit to be built on a piece of paper. Since this circuit is being built for kids, all the components and connections should be clearly marked and the circuit should be drawn exactly as it should be laid out on the breadboard.

Identify the connections on the breadboard from the diagram on the back of the board or from the one that came with it. Generally, the board is divided lengthwise in two parts, both of which have same connections. Lengthwise there are two rows on each side of the board, which are used for making power and ground connections. Width-wise the holes in each row are connected together.

First install all the components on the breadboard as per schematic.

Using wires stripped at both ends, connect the components together as per schematic.

Connect the circuit to the power source using wires.


It is always a good idea to use a switch between the power supply and the circuit.


Do not build a circuit for kids that requires more than 9 volts to work.

Things You'll Need

  • Schematic of the circuit to be built
  • A breadboard
  • Required electronic parts and wires
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