How to Make a Reflex Deflex Longbow Mold

Updated July 20, 2017

A reflex deflex bow is a type of bow that was used primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe. It has a convex curve like most bows, except the bow curves in the opposite direction close to the tips of the bow limbs. These bow structures allow for a small bow with incredible power in the limbs. This shape is made with a mould onto which the bow limbs are attached using heavy duty clamps. The bow is soaked in boiling water and then clamped to the mould and held in place until it has taken the shape of the mould. These moulds are quite simple to make and you only need a few bare essentials to make them.

Decide on the length of the mould. The mould will need to be the same length as the bow or longer. Most reflex deflex bows are around 5-feet long. Acquire a piece of wood at least 5-feet long, 4-inches wide and around 2-feet in height.

Cut the shape of a reflex bow out of the wooden board using a power jigsaw. This shape is a large convex curve at the centre of the board that forms into two concave curves about 1-foot from the tip of both ends. The shape and curvature can vary depending on your particular design.

Cut 1-inch diameter holes at intervals of one-foot three inches underneath the curvature. These holes will accommodate the clamps for holding the bow limbs in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden board 5-feet long, 4-inches wide, 2-feet high
  • Power jigsaw
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