How to Print on Ceramic Mugs

Written by katrina matterhorn | 13/05/2017
How to Print on Ceramic Mugs
Personalise your ceramic mug by having a customised message printed on its side. (ceramic mug image by R MACKAY from

Ceramic mugs are made of clay which is glazed and fired for a glossy shine and finish in a variety of colours and styles. Ceramic mugs can be used to hold liquids such as coffee and tea or even flowers and plants. They also make good gifts and you can customise them by printing images on them such as photos, names or unique designs. There are companies, including online companies, that offer ceramic mug printing services.

Select a file that you wish to print on the ceramic mug. Save the file as a JPEG, TIFF or GIF file for printing.

Locate a service that does printing on ceramic mugs. Verify with the service what types of files they accept for printing. Some online ceramic mug printing sites include and

Upload the images you have selected for printing onto the ceramic mug to the site or e-mail them to the company you have chosen to do the printing.

View a preview of the ceramic mug before printing. Confirm that the image is what you want and is placed on the mug to your satisfaction.

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