How to paint an enamel oven top

Updated March 23, 2017

Old appliances may function just fine, but if they appear chipped and scratched their appearance is cheapened. Luckily, appliance paint is readily available and allows you to restore the surface of your enamel oven or other appliances in just a few hours. Preparation is key in the appliance painting process, and needs to be done with care. A repainted oven makes your kitchen look more up-to-date and may increase the value of your home.

Clean the oven top with a dish detergent or soap with a degreasing agent, using a cloth. Let the surface air dry for about an hour, or wipe it thoroughly clean with a towel.

Sand the entire surface with sandpaper. Because an oven top is so smooth, paint is unlikely to stick unless you rough up the surface, giving the paint something to grip to.

Rub the appliance down with a tack cloth or damp rag to remove the dust particles created by sanding.

Lay a dust sheet on the floor beneath the oven and cover the adjacent countertops with newspaper. Tape newspaper to the front of the oven and on the wall behind the oven. This will protect the area surrounding the oven top from being painted by accident.

Shake a can of spray paint for at least one minute. Remove the cap and hold the can about 12 inches away from the oven and apply thin coats, moving the can from side to side. Keep the can in constant motion to avoid uneven coverage or drip marks.

Allow the first coat to dry for at least 10 minutes and then apply a second coat. Do not return the oven to regular use for at least 12 hours.


Never paint your oven top when the appliance is still hot. Create a well ventilated work space by opening windows and doors while you paint.

Things You'll Need

  • Soap
  • Sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Cloth
  • Dust sheet
  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Paint
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