How to Troubleshoot the Sloan Flushmate 503

Updated February 21, 2017

The Flushmate from Sloan is a pressure-based flushing system that retrofits to traditional gravity flush toilets, requiring far less water. Water first flows into the sealed Flushmate vessel inside the toilet tank, compressing air in the vessel. The flush valve traps the water and air under pressure until the toilet is flushed. When flushed, an actuator arm opens the flush valve. The air pressure then forces the water out to flush the toilet. While Flushmate systems are generally trouble free, if you have a problem with your unit, you may be able to resolve the problem with simple troubleshooting.

Verify that the flush rod or button does not interfere with the proper function of the unit actuator. Loosen the set screw on the actuator and adjust the clearance of the actuator to the flush valve cartridge to around 1/8 inch. Tighten the set screw when the clearance is corrected.

Check the inlet screen by shutting off the water supply valve. Flush the toilet. Disconnect the water supply line from the Flushmate unit's supply shank.

Remove the filter from the shank and clean it, if necessary. Replace the filter and reconnect the supply line. Turn the water supply valve on.

Examine the flush valve cartridge. Turn off the water supply valve. Flush the toilet. Disconnect the handle linkage from the flush rod and move it away from the flush valve cartridge.

Turn the flush valve cartridge counterclockwise to release it and remove the cartridge. Check the O-rings on the cartridge for damage. If damaged, replace the cartridge. Reinstall the cartridge and reassemble the flush rod and handle linkage.

Verify that the flush actuator has the proper clearance. Loosen the actuator set screw, adjust the clearance to around 1/8 inch, then tighten the set screw.

Turn off the water supply valve and flush the toilet, if the problem persists. Disconnect the water supply line from the water supply shank on the unit. Clear the inlet screen in the supply shank of any obstructions. Replace the screen and reconnect the supply line.

Remove the toilet tank cover. Remove the cap on the air inducer and the duckbill valve on the Flushmate.

Rinse any obstructions from the valve. If damaged, replace it. Reinsert the duckbill valve and replace the cap on the air inducer. Turn the water on. Place a few drops of water on the inducer intake. Flush the toilet and watch for the drops to be drawn in to verify the air inducer valve is drawing air.

Pour some water into the cartridge valve housing. If any bubbles rise from the middle or edges of the flush valve cartridge, replace it.

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