How to make a circled pattern with square pavers

Updated February 21, 2017

The standard patterns for pavers used in an exterior surface, such as a patio or driveway, utilise a square or rectangular block erected in linear combinations. Using a square block to create an arch, curve, or circle does not require any major cuts. The centre point must be relatively round to achieve the overall effect which you accomplish using a circle, octagonal, or group of pavers.

Cut two square blocks in half running from corner to corner using a masonry wet saw. The end result is four triangular pavers.

Lay out the centre point using five pavers creating a plus sign on the ground. Lay the four triangular pavers pointing toward the centre and surrounding the plus sign creating an octagonal surface.

Lay pavers in a circle around the octagon so that one paver connects to each edge of the octagon.

Place a second row of pavers around the first joining the corners closest to the centre of each paver in the new row while keeping the outer corners gapped slightly.

Lay additional rows in the same manner as Step 4. The gap between the top corners grows smaller with each row.

Position full pavers over larger gaps that need to be filled, such as around the first and second rows. Mark the dimensions of the gap onto the paver with a marker. Cut the pavers with the masonry wet saw and tap the pavers into place.


Using wedge-shaped pavers instead of square pavers eliminates the need for a majority of cuts. You can also use a mixture of square and rectangular pavers, where the long edge of the rectangle equals the side of the square, to lessen gaps and break up seams.


Avoid placing pavers so that seams run in a straight line out from the centre point. Too many long seams weakens the structure and the pavers will begin to separate faster. Cut a few pavers so that they are slightly narrower than other pavers to help break up the seams.

Things You'll Need

  • Square pavers
  • Masonry wet saw
  • Mark
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