How to Identify a Tiffany Watch by Maker & Serial Number

Written by krista martin | 13/05/2017
How to Identify a Tiffany Watch by Maker & Serial Number
Tiffany watches will have the Tiffany & Co. engraving on the back. (watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

Tiffany watches contain real jewels and silver and always bear the mark of the company name and metal content. You can inspect your watch for the make and model in order to identify it as an authentic Tiffany watch. It's important to identify it as real because, unless you purchased it directly from Tiffany & Co., there is a possibility that it could be a fake. There are many online sellers offering fake Tiffany watches and other jewellery.

Inspect the watch links if there are any. Tiffany jewellery links are soldered together, and you should not be able to tell where the link ends or begins. If the link is pinched together or if the soldered mark is obvious, it is not an authentic Tiffany watch. The watch should also be heavy to hold.

Look for the Tiffany & Co mark engraved into the watch. This marking is engraved into all Tiffany jewellery, along with the metal mark.

Look for the date engraved on the Tiffany watch. The date the watch was trademarked, along with the logo, is commonly engraved onto the piece.

Look for the signature of the back of the watch. Certain makers of Tiffany jewellery, such as Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso or Frank Gehry, bear the signature of the maker on the watch piece.

Identify the metal content by the number that appears on the watch. The metal content is located next to the Tiffany & Co. name.

Look up the information you gathered (see Resources) and compare your watch to the Tiffany & Co. collection. Or consult a book such as the "Complete Price Guide to Watches" by Cookie Shugart, which may be available at your library.

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