How to Keep a Driveway Gate From Sagging

Updated February 21, 2017

Due to their size and weight, wooden driveway gates that are suspended by hinges on single posts are prone to sagging over time. This is typically due to shifting of the gate post or loosened hinges. Preventing your gate from sagging by adding additional support will extend the life of your gate and make it easier to use. A gate wheel, mounted on the bottom of the gate, distributes the load over a larger area, reducing stress on the gate post and hinges. This simple job requires no special tools or advanced construction skills.

Open the gate so you can access both sides of the gate at the same time. Place a carpenter's level on the upper rail of the gate to determine whether the gate is level.With the level positioned on the rail, ask an assistant to lift the end of the gate, if necessary, until it is level. Place scrap lumber and shims under the centre of the gate to temporarily support it while you install the gate wheel.

Slide the flange portion of the gate-wheel assembly onto the bottom of the gate so the wheel is on the driveway and the end of the flange is aligned to the bottom edge of the gate. Mark the positions of the screw holes in the flange on the gate frame by passing the tip of a pencil through each hole on both sides of the flange. Remove the wheel.

Drill a horizontal pilot hole through each screw-hole mark. Reposition the flange on the gate, aligning the screw holes with the pilot holes. Use a drill and driving bit to screw the gate-wheel assembly to the gate. Remove the shims and scrap lumber.

Things You'll Need

  • Gate wheel
  • Drill with drilling and driving bits
  • 1-inch heavy-duty wood screws
  • Carpenter's level
  • Scrap lumber
  • Shims
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