How to Extend a Stair Gate

Updated February 21, 2017

Stair gates are designed to help keep a toddler from falling down the stairs. They do this by preventing the toddler from climbing up the stairs and falling from the top of stairs when upstairs. A stair gate can be extended from its original size if not wide enough to block a staircase.

Install any hardware as necessary for the specific gate. There are several stair gates available. Some require putting hardware on the walls via a drill and screw, while others are pressure mounted to stay in place. Hardware installation methods will differ depending on the specific gate.

Look at the stair gate to determine where the gate opens. According to the Ask Baby website, stair gates usually open on one side or in the middle, depending on the specific gate. If hooked closed, open the hook.

Pull the gate apart. The stair gate will slide from either the middle or side, according to placement of the stair gate opening. Extend the gate until it is firmly across the top or bottom of the stairs or in a doorway, if this is how it is being used. Push the gate into place until it pressure locks and the locking mechanism goes down or attach it to the hardware previously installed. Test to make sure the gate is secure and will not move.

Determine the size of extension kit needed. Measure, in centimetres, the width of the open space between the wall and the gate when the gate is fully extended. This determines the appropriate extension size. Most extensions are about 6 to 7 centimetres in width.

Screw on the attachment hardware, which is connected to the top and side of the stair gate. Any gate that provides for extensions will have an area at the top of the gate for extension equipment installation.

Slide the extension onto the hardware. The extension will add a little length to the gate. If a second extension is needed, attach it in the same manner to the other side of the gate.


Some gates do not have an option for extension. If there is doubt about the original gate fitting across the stairs, get a gate that has extension attachment options.

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  • Measuring tape
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