How to Write Thank You Notes for Food

Updated November 21, 2016

Express your appreciation for food gift items by writing a heartfelt thank-you note. You can buy notes at the store or make your own handmade cards to express thankfulness with a bit of homemade charm. Deciding what to write may present some challenges, so take your time when thinking about what to say. Give the thank-you note to the person who gave the food as soon as possible after receiving the item. Don't wait more than two weeks.

Take notes on a notepad before you ever write on the thank-you card. Think about what the gift meant to you and write down notes about how it tasted. Write down the specific food item and double-check your spelling to make sure you have the right recipe. Think about how this gift of food made you feel.

Write down why you appreciate this gift so much. Sometimes food is given when people have a baby or for a major event or celebration. Food gifts often help people save time because they don't need to bother with preparing food.

Write out your thank-you sentiment on a notepad after brainstorming ideas. You can create a very simple thank-you note or go into greater detail. A thank-you note for food may sound something like this: "Thank you for this lovely gift of food. The dinner dish was rich in flavour and more satisfying than lemon chicken made by restaurants. The pie tasted just like my grandmother's old-fashioned apple pie. This thoughtful gift warmed my spirits and satisfied my palate. Your gift also saved me time because I didn't need to prepare additional food that day. Thanking you for taking the time to prepare such a special meal. I truly appreciate the love and care that went into creating this dish."

Mentioning the type of food you received and how it tasted and made you feel adds more specific information and personalisation to your thank-you note. Don't just say, "Thank you for the food." Tell the person why you appreciate the food and what was so great about it.

Look at the notepad and write your thank-you sentiment directly on the card slowly and carefully. Take your time to make sure that the letters are written neatly.

Sign your name at the bottom of the card and ask other people who enjoyed the food to sign their names as well. They can also write personal messages on the card if they like.

Add a personal touch to the card, such as pressed flowers or other embellishments. Place the card inside an envelope and write the recipient's name on the front. Glue on more pressed flowers if you like.

Things You'll Need

  • Notepad
  • Thank-you cards and envelopes
  • Pressed flowers
  • Glue
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