How to Paint a Fitted Wardrobe

Updated April 17, 2017

Fitted wardrobes, those timeless and modern decor pieces, are a fashionable way to incorporate storage into a room without breaking the flow of the floor plan. Because fitted wardrobes have various shelves with differing sizes and heights, it takes a few steps to paint this piece of furniture from top to bottom. In the end, painting your fitted wardrobe to match the surrounding decor will be time well spent.

Ascertain if the wood of the fitted wardrobe has been treated before or not. For untreated wood, look for knots and other vulnerable areas. For knots, you may want to apply a knotting solution before you apply the primer. You may also want to put two coats of primer on any untreated wood.

Remove any shelving that can be easily removed from within the fitted wardrobe. These pieces can be painted more easily when they are outside of the main structure.

Apply an even primer on every inch of the fitted wardrobe, including the removed shelving.

Apply an even coat of paint; acrylic works well. Make sure to think about whether you want a matt or gloss finish on your fitted wardrobe. Use a small brush for tiny corners and hard to reach areas and larger brushes for wide swathes of paint.

Allow all of the pieces to dry completely before replacing any items or removable shelving.


Add details to the final fitted wardrobe in shapes or stencils which appeal to you for an added touch of style. Spread newspapers or plastic on the floor of the area you will be working on. Tape off sections of the wall which may touch the edges of the fitted wardrobe.

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