How to Get a Job With the Xbox Live Enforcement Team

Updated July 20, 2017

The Xbox Live Enforcement Team are members of Microsoft's Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Division. The team is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Live service by enforcing Microsoft's Terms of Use (TOU). In order to accomplish this task, the team uses its members to patrol online gaming and identify those that violate Xbox LIVE rules. Employment with this particular division can be attained by searching through Microsoft's Careers website.

Log on to Microsoft's corporate career website located in the resources section of this article. Since Xbox Live is directly a part of the Microsoft Corporation, this is the first place to start looking for open positions.

Enter search keywords to locate a job with the Xbox Live enforcement team. Some keywords to start with are, "Enforcement," "Xbox LiveE" and "Policy." To narrow your search, you can select specific job categories. Two good categories to begin your search in are "Legal & Corporate Affairs" and "Operations."

Click on a position that interests you from the populated list. Once you have reviewed the job responsibilities and qualifications, click on "Apply to job" and follow the prompts.


Check the Microsoft Careers website regularly. Some positions are only open for applications during a short period of time.

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