How to Learn Callanetics Online

Updated April 17, 2017

Founded by Callan Pinckney, Callanetics is a fitness regime that uses the continued repetition of slight muscle movements and flexing to tone and sculpt the body. Callanetics reached the height of its popularity in the 1980s but has resisted the label of being a mere fad by remaining relevant in today's understanding of fitness. Callanetics classes are offered at gyms and fitness centres throughout the country, but there are now opportunities to learn the techniques online.

Search the word "Callanetics" at a video hosting website such as This will allow you to find a selection of free Callanetics exercise routines as performed by a variety of people. Watch the videos and mimic the movements in it.

Join an online Callanetics exercise class. You can search for online classes using a search engine. One website that offers online Callanetics courses is (see Resources), where you can sign up to have a new Callanetics video e-mailed to you periodically.

Sign up to the official Callanetics home training course that trains you to become a certified Callanetics Teacher. This home study course is available online at the official Callanetics website, (see Resources).

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