How to Find My Number on Vodafone

Updated February 21, 2017

Vodafone is a Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) cellular service provider based in the UK. Vodafone offers a variety of pre- and postpaid service plan options. If you don't remember your Vodafone phone number, you can call Vodafone customer service to find it; alternatively, you can call a friend or your home phone number using your Vodafone mobile phone and retrieve your Vodafone phone number from the caller ID display.

Call Vodafone customer service at 011-44-7836-191-191 for postpaid accounts. If you have a prepaid Vodafone account, call 011-7836-191-919.

Ask the customer service representative for your Vodafone phone number.

Answer the identity verification questions. The customer service representative will give you your Vodafone phone number after you have successfully verified your identity.

Call your home phone or your friend's cellular or home phone that is enabled with caller ID.

Look at the caller ID display or ask your friend to look at the caller ID display.

Write down your Vodafone phone number. Your Vodafone phone number is the number that appears on the caller ID display.

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