How to fix a fence so a dog cannot jump over it

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you have a chain-link fence or a wooden fence, if you have a large or agile dog you may have trouble keeping the dog in your yard. Some dogs enjoy the thrill of jumping fences, and some are motivated to jump over the fence in order to meet new people or other dogs. Luckily, there are ways you can heighten and/or modify your fence so that your dog cannot jump over the fence.

Install strong support posts, which are thick, tall, metal posts that support the walls of your chain-link fence, in the ground. Support posts can be found at any home or building supply store. Install them by driving a heavy base into the ground where you want the post, and sliding the post in. These prevent dogs from jumping on and bending your chain fence.

Fortify your fence with chicken wire by weaving chicken wire tightly through the links of your fence at a 90-degree angle. Chicken wire is stiff and you will not need to weave it through more than two or three times.

Lay chain-link fence around the base of the fence. This will both reinforce the base of your fence and make the ground around the fence uncomfortable for your dog to walk on.

Heighten your fence inexpensively with welded wire "leaners": Create a leaner by purchasing about 4 feet of welded wire. Bend 1 foot of wire at a 90-degree angle, and tie the rest to your fence. Creating these will heighten your fence by 1 to 2 feet, as well as create a jumping deterrent.

Block any gaps in your wooden fence by repairing or adding more wood. Gaps make for footing, which can make it easier for your dog to jump the fence.

Heighten your fence by nailing in extra wooden panels. Wooden panels can be found at any home and building supply stores, and heightening your fence will stop your dog from physically being able to jump the fence.

Move or block anything around the fence that the dog could be jumping on to get over the fence. This includes piles of building materials, dustbins, and child's playthings and structures. If your dog is jumping on something large, like a shed or playhouse, block access to these.

Lay chain-link fencing material around the base of your fence, making this area uncomfortable for your dog to walk on.


Planting bushes in front of your fence can prevent your dog from getting a running start.

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