Ideas for a rockery or flower bed

Updated November 21, 2016

Flower beds and rock gardens are versatile landscaping features that enhance your home garden. Flower beds provide colour and attract many beneficial insects to your landscape, while rockeries add texture to home gardens and can be placed in areas where other garden plants will not grow. Rockeries and flower beds are easily constructed to fit your landscaping needs.


Properly designing your flower bed or rockery helps reduce headaches that may occur later on once you begin construction. Researching the conditions of you property -- amount of light, type of soil as well as maximum and minimum winter and summer temperatures -- will help ensure that you choose plants suitable for your location. Sketch out the design of your landscape feature to get a good idea of what you want it to look like before you start construction. Use stakes and string to mark out the outline of the flower bed or rockery area to see how much space it will occupy in your landscape and adjust as needed.


Rockery features are dominated by a group of rocks. The sizes and shapes may vary, but for best results, you should choose the same types of rocks for your rockery feature. Rockery features are ideal for areas of your property that have extreme environmental conditions such as full sunlight, windy conditions, a hillside or areas that are prone to flooding. Native wildflowers and grasses are colourful plants that are easy to care for and grow well in rock gardens.

Flower beds

Whether you want a colourful border along your house or a colourful island planting area in the middle of your lawn, flower beds can be constructed in many shapes and sizes to fit your landscaping needs. Once you have settled on the design, remove any turf grass from the flowerbed area and thoroughly till compost into the soil to improve drainage and increase the nutrients in the soil before planting.

Combining the features

Combine a rockery and flower bed to create a distinct planting area in your landscape. Rocks make an attractive natural border for flower beds or you can build up the soil in your rockery to make it more amenable to flowers and other attractive landscaping plants. Both flower beds and rockeries make attractive areas for you to feature various landscaping plants such as an edible herb garden, a low maintenance perennial flower collection or an annual flower display that can be changed each year.

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