How to Transfer Hi8 Camcorder Tapes to DVD

Updated April 17, 2017

Sony introduced the first Hi8 camcorder in the late 1980s. The Hi8 camcorder records analogue video and audio onto small cassette tapes. It was the improved version of the older Video8 model, which required a tripod for smooth recordings. The Hi8 model eliminated the need for a tripod and allowed for even video footage as a handheld device. Hi8 tapes fit into a case that plays through a VCR. Over the past decade, DVDs and computers have replaced VCRs. But Hi8 camcorder owners can transfer Hi8 tapes to DVD rather than purchase a new mini-DVD or digital camcorder.

Check to see that the Hi8 camcorder software is on the computer. A CD-ROM came with the camcorder at time of purchase. Install the software if it is not already on the computer.

Purchase a FireWire cable or an i.Link cable. Apple developed the FireWire, which works for Apple and computers using Microsoft. Sony camcorder and computer owners should purchase an i.Link cable.

Turn on the computer. Put a cassette tape in the camcorder. Connect the camcorder to the computer via the FireWire or i.Link cable. Be sure the camcorder is turned on.

Allow the computer to take control of the camcorder. With the installed software, it will automatically transfer the videocassette's contents onto the computer.

Put a blank, writable DVD into the disc drive of the computer.

Go to programs and click on Microsoft DVD maker.

Choose contents from the video library. Preview the selected material, and edit as needed.

Click on "Burn" at the bottom right-hand corner of screen.

Wait for completion of the new DVD.

Select "Click to DVD," which appears on the start-up menu after the camcorder connection.

Choose the execute button from the pop-up window on the computer screen.

Allow time for the computer to automatically transfer material onto the computer's video library and write it to the installed DVD.


The camcorder can be directly plugged into a DVD player/recorder; however, this technique does not allow for editing of the material and the result might be of lesser quality. A USB cord may be used instead of FireWire or i.Link. USB connections are slower, so the process will take much longer. Contact the camcorder manufacturer if the original software has been misplaced, or download it directly from the manufacturer's website if available.

Things You'll Need

  • Hi8 camcorder
  • Full Hi8 cassette tapes
  • Blank DVDs
  • FireWire or i.Link cable
  • Computer with DVD writing capability
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