How to Breed Ring-Necked Parakeets

Updated February 21, 2017

Ring-necked parakeets, also known as Indian Ringnecks or Rose-ringed parakeets, are small parrots that typically measure around 16-inches long. The birds are native to Africa and Asia, but have established colonies in California, Florida and the United Kingdom. They are available in the United States from pet shops and breeders. Male ring-necked parakeets can be identified by a black ring that runs across the chin and cheek, and blends into a rose-coloured collar, while females and immature males do not display these characteristics. They can be bred in a home environment with a few additional supplies.

Place a male and a female ring-necked parakeet in the same cage. Unlike many other species of parakeet, these birds do not mate for life so it is not necessary to buy a mated pair. The cage should be large -- a cage measuring at least 24-by-18-by-36 inches is recommended for a single bird.

Provide the birds with two nesting boxes to choose from. Each box should measure about 12-by-12-by-18 inches. Their breeding season can begin as early as January, though in the wild the eggs laid before March often do not survive the cold weather.

Feed the parakeets a diet high in protein, supplementing their usual food with hard-boiled eggs or milk-soaked white bread.


The female will typically lay one egg every two days, for a total of two to six eggs. The eggs will hatch in 22 to 24 days, and the young birds will be independent in four to seven weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Cage larger than 24-by-18-by-36 inches
  • 2 nesting boxes, each 12-by-12-by-18 inches
  • Hard-boiled eggs or milk-soaked white bread
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