How to Put Strings on a Yamaha Electric Guitar

Updated July 20, 2017

Putting strings on a Yamaha electric guitar is similar to that of putting strings on most other electric guitars. However, like most Fender electric guitars, Yamaha electric guitars string through the back of the guitar.

Loosen the old strings on your Yamaha electric guitar by turning each tuning key to loosen the tension of each string.

Untangle each string from its tuning post and pull it through the bridge and out the back of the guitar.

Turn the Yamaha electric guitar on its back and insert the lowest gauge string (thinnest) into the hole in the back of the guitar that corresponds with the bridge hole that is furthest away from you when looking at the guitar from the playing position.

Pull the string all the way through the bridge and insert it in the hole of its corresponding tuning post.

Pull the string all the way through the hole in the tuning post. Then back the string up an inch or two to give it enough slack to wrap around the tuning post two or three times.

Turn the tuning key attached to this tuning post to tighten the string. Make sure each successive string wrap around the tuning post falls below the one before it.

Cut off the excess string that is sticking out of the tuning post when the string is up to tension.

Repeat these steps for each additional string.

Things You'll Need

  • Guitar strings
  • Wire cutters
  • Guitar tuner
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