How to grow cuttings from a peace lily

Usually grown as indoor houseplants, peace lilies provide lush, green foliage year round. They grow tall flower spikes, called spathes, that are topped with white single-petalled blooms. The plants grow from root system called a crown. As the plant matures, the crown expands in size. Cuttings from the crown grow into new peace lily plants when grown correctly. Each crown section has both roots and stems, which allows it to grow into a new plant after it's separated from the main crown.

Lift the peace lily from its pot. Brush away the soil from the root system so you can see it clearly.

Tease apart the roots with your fingers, separating the crown into two pieces. Cut through any horizontal roots that connect the crowns with a sharp, clean knife.

Fill a 20 to 25 cm ( 8 to 10 inch) diameter pot with moistening potting soil. Plant the divided peace lily crown so that the top of the roots sit just beneath the soil surface. Replant the main crown back into its original pot.

Water each plant until the excess moisture drains from the bottom the pots. Drain the collected water out of the drip tray under the pots after watering. Continue to water when the top inch of soil begins to feel dry, usually once weekly for indoor plants.

Fertilise the plants with soluble, balanced houseplant fertiliser at the lowest rate recommended on the package. The fertiliser encourages the plants to put on new growth and recover from the cutting process.


Peace lilies grow best in bright, indirect sunlight such as near an east- or south-facing window. You can divide and plant peace lily cuttings at any time.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • Pot
  • Potting soil
  • Fertiliser
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