How to Attach Edible Pearls

Updated March 23, 2017

Edible pearls elevate a cake to the next level, giving it a luxurious and intricate appearance. Made from sugar and firm to the tooth, edible pearls are available in a variety of sizes and colours. While the decorations may look complicated, applying edible pearls is a fairly simple process. If ingredients are accurately measured, proper supplies are purchased and adequate time is allowed, decorating a cake with edible pearls will be a breeze, even for the novice cake decorator.

Calculate the correct amount of edible pearls you will need for the surface of your cake. For an even application of pearls, it is best to plan for four to five pearls per inch of cake surface.

Tint or colour edible pearls before applying them to the cake. While coloured edible pearls are available, you can customise your edible pearls using lustre dust or food colouring. Place lustre dust and pearls in a tightly sealed container and shake to evenly coat. You can paint food colouring on pearls individually; allow to dry thoroughly before application.

Frost cake as desired. While the frosting is soft, apply edible pearls by picking each one up individually with a pair of sterile, bent-nose tweezers. It is best to buy a pair solely for decorating purposes. Use the softness of the frosting to cement the edible pearls in place. If pearls detach from the cake's surface, use a dot of fresh frosting as glue and then reattach the pearl.


Edible pearls are extremely hard, akin to the density of a jaw breaker. If your cake is for senior citizens, or those with compromised dental integrity, consider using fondant pearls, which are softer and applied the same way.

Things You'll Need

  • Lustre dust or food colouring (optional)
  • Bent-nose tweezers
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