How to Replace a Bosch Oven Light

Bosch makes a variety of electronics and appliances, including cooking ovens. Many models come with an interior light that allows better visibility when looking into the oven compartment. Like other light bulbs, the bulb inside the oven will burn out eventually. When it does burn out, it can be replaced without any special equipment or training.

Locate the main fuse box or circuit breaker. Open the box and locate the circuit for the oven. Note that the oven may be linked to the kitchen circuit or a neighbouring room's circuit. Flip the circuit switch to the "Off" position. If you are unsure whether you selected the correct circuit, or if it is unlabeled, flip the main circuit breaker switch to cut all power to the house.

Open the oven door. Look for the light inside the oven. Depending on the exact Bosch oven model, the light fixture may be on the side, back panel or top of the oven compartment.

Grasp the light fixture cover carefully and turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew it. Place a soft cloth over your hand. Carefully grasp the bulb and unscrew it. Note that some Bosch oven lights may have pull-out bulbs that do not require you to unscrew first.

Carefully grasp the new bulb with the soft cloth still over your hand. Insert it into the socket. Screw it in place if you unscrewed the old bulb.

Screw the light cover back in place. Turn the circuit breaker power back on. Test the oven light by opening and closing the oven door. The light will turn on when the door is opened. If your Bosch oven is equipped with an oven light switch for controlling the light with the door closed, close the door and turn the switch to the "On" position, then "Off."


If the oven was recently used or the door was recently opened with the power on, the oven interior and bulb may be hot. Allow it to cool down before attempting the replacement.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • 40-watt oven light bulb
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