How to Unlock a Nokia N86

Updated February 16, 2017

The Nokia N86 8MP cell phone provides users with an 8-megapixel camera, GPS receiver, Internet radio and video recorder. When purchased, the N86 8MP may be locked to a certain phone service provider. If so, you are not able to use the phone with any other network. By using an unlock code, however, it is possible to use the phone with any service network, such as Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile. Many Nokia unlock codes can be obtained for free, then entered into the phone to unlock it.

Remove the N86 8MP's battery cover. Pull out the battery and the SIM card. Replace the battery and close the cover.

Turn on the N86 8MP, and press "*#06#." Your phone's IMEI number will show on the screen. Write down this 15-digit number. Turn off the phone and replace the SIM card.

Visit one of the free Nokia unlock code websites (see Resources). Enter the IMEI number of your N86 8MP, then choose your country and the current service provider to which the phone is locked. Select the phone's model number and if prompted, the box serial number. The unlock code for the phone will display.

Push "#" on the N86 8MP, then press "*" three times in one second. The letter "p" should show on the screen.

Press "" four times in one second, causing "w" to display. Hit "" twice in one second to display "+" on the screen.

Input the N86 8MP's unlock code, then press "*" twice in a second. Hit the "#" key to unlock the phone.

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