Homemade Nut Sheller

Updated April 17, 2017

Shelling nuts can be a laborious process, which puts many guests off eating them. However, using homemade implements, it is possible to shell nuts simply. This can either be done before serving the nuts, or you can use a makeshift nutcracker to allow guests to shell the nuts themselves. Some nuts, such as pecans, can be shelled more easily if they are boiled beforehand, although this may alter the taste of the nuts. Many items around the house can be easily used to shell nuts.

Shell your nuts before placing them in a bowl by using a vice. Clean the vice beforehand, or wrap the nut in a handkerchief. Place the nut in the vice and tighten it until it cracks. Throw the shell away, and place the deshelled nut in the bowl. Repeat as desired.

Serve your nuts with their shell, but give your guests a pair of pliers to make the shelling easy. Place the nut in the pliers and squeeze until the shell breaks. Use a clean or new pair of pliers.

Wrap a few of the nuts in a clean handkerchief and hit firmly with a hammer. Do this on a strong table that will not be damaged. Unwrap the handkerchief and throw away the shells.

Boil the nuts before serving them in the bowl. This will make the shells more brittle, and will make it easier for them to be removed. This can be done in tandem with any of the previous steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Hammer
  • Vice
  • Pliers
  • Handkerchief
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