How to Troubleshoot a Stihl 032AV Chain Saw

Updated February 21, 2017

Stihl makes many tools that can be used inside and outside, depending on the application. One type of tool that you can use outside is model 032 AV. This chain saw is a type of high-speed wood cutting tool that runs on a gasoline engine. When the chain saw begins to have starting and cutting problems, there may be one or more issues that you will need to address with the machine.

Locate the hand brake, if available, and push it toward the bar nose. This will disengage the brake. Find the "Stop" switch and flip it in the opposite direction.

Adjust the choke lever to the "Choke" position if the engine is cold. If the engine is warm the choke lever should be set away from the "Choke" position.

Press the safety throttle lock button, the trigger and then the starting throttle lock. Release the trigger and then the starting throttle lock.

Set the chain saw on the ground. Place one hand on the handle bar and place the front of your foot on the rear handle.

Pull the starter cord to crank the engine. Continue pulling the starter cord until the engine fires.

Loosen the screw that is used to secure the carburettor box, to the chainsaw, with the screwdriver. Pull off the carburettor box.

Remove and dirt and dust around the air filter with a cloth or rag.

Loosen the two nuts securing the air cleaner with the screwdriver. Lift the air cleaner off of the studs.

Scrub the dirt and dust from the sir filter with a soft bristle tooth brush.

Reinstall the air cleaner and then try to restart the chain saw.

Start the engine and adjust the idle speed adjusting screw clockwise with the screwdriver, if the engine stops while idling. Move the screw back ΒΌ of a turn when the chain saw begins to run.

Adjust the idle speed adjusting screw counterclockwise, if the chain saw continues to run while idling. Move the screw 1/4 of a turn once the engine stops.

Adjust the low speed adjusting screw counterclockwise if the idle speed is too lean. Move the screw until the engine begins to run smooth.


Soak the air cleaner in gasoline and then use compressed air to blow out the air cleaner.

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth or rag
  • Toothbrush
  • Screwdriver
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