How to check my SSI disability claim status

Written by melly parker | 13/05/2017
How to check my SSI disability claim status
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Although you can check Social Security benefits online, there is still no automated way to check Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) benefits. It can take months to be approved for SSI and checking the status regularly is one way to know caseworkers have all the paperwork and information needed to process your claim. SSI cases are handled through local offices and you should have a specific assigned caseworker. Do not check the status so often that you impede the caseworker's ability to process your claim.

Navigate to the Social Security Office Locator (see Resources). Input your zip code to find the nearest Social Security office.

Call the Social Security office. Provide your name and, if available, your case number. Ask for a status update on your SSI claim and the phone number for Disability Determination Services.

Visit the Social Security office in person. Request to speak to your caseworker. If she isn't available, request a status update on your claim from the receptionist. He will find someone to help you.

Call Disability Determination Services. Give the representative your personal information, including name, Social Security number and address. She will give you a status update.

Call the Social Security toll-free hotline at 800-772-1213. Ask for a status update on your claim. Again, you will have to provide your personal information to receive information.

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