How to change your real name on battlenet

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether your name has changed, you would like to transfer an account to your child or you simply made a mistake when you filled out the original account information, you may find it necessary to change the legal name listed on your account. Like many Internet-based services, takes a request to change the legal name on an account very seriously. For this reason, changing your name on is not a short process and will take some time.

Find and scan a photo ID. If you are requesting a name change because you have changed your legal name, scan your official change of name documents as well.

Save the scanned files in an easy-to-find location on your computer.

Ensure the files are in jpg, gif or bmp format and that they are less than 5 MB. If any file does not meet those criteria, change its format or reduce its size.

Log into your account.

Click on the "Support" button in the middle of the top right-hand option bar.

Type "TOU form" into the search box and click the "Search" button.

Select " Terms of Use" from the resulting list. It should be option no. 1.

Print the terms of use (TOU) form.

Fill in your account e-mail and game account name in sections A and B of the TOU form.

Fill in your contact information in Section C. Leave the "New Parental Control Email" line blank.

Circle "Update Account Holder's Name" listed on the bottom of the middle column in Section D.

Circle the type of photo ID you are including and any additional applicable documents--those you scanned and saved.

Fill out Section F only if the reason for the name change is a transfer of account ownership.

Read the agreement paragraph and terms of use agreement. Then, sign and print your name and date the document.

Scan the document and save the file in an easy-to-find location on your computer.

Click on the "Support" button listed on the top option bar on your screen.

Click on the "Contact Support" button centred underneath the game options icons.

Select " Account" from the "Select a Product" drop-down list.

Select "Change Account Information" from the "Select a Category" drop-down list.

Select "Legal Name Correction" from the "Change Account Information" drop-down list.

Enter your e-mail address, name and account name into the appropriate boxes.

Select either "Your secret question and answer" or "Last 5 digits of your authentication key" from the "Select your Verification Method" drop-down list, then fill in the appropriate information when the box appears.

Select scanned photo ID and TOU form files by clicking on the "choose file" buttons under "Attach photo ID" and "Attach TOU form" respectively and selecting the appropriate file from the list.

Click "Open" when appropriate file is selected to attach it.

Write the reason for your request in the "Description" box.

Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.


Make sure that you include both pages of the TOU form in your scanned file.


The information in the TOU form may be typed before you print the document, but your signature must be hand-signed. Be aware, even if you submit all the required information, it is still under's discretion whether your request is granted.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo ID and/or legal documents indicating a change of name
  • Scanner or camera phone with Internet capability
  • Printer with paper
  • Blue or black pen
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