How to Determine What Year My Bosch SHU5315 Dishwasher Was Made

The Bosch SHU5315 dishwasher, which is now discontinued, is a dishwasher intended to be permanently installed and used in a residential setting. If you are trying to find replacement parts, determine the existence of a warranty or even sell the dishwasher, you may find it helpful to know the year in which you dishwasher was manufactured. The serial number, located on the side panel of the dishwasher door, can be used to determine in which year the dishwasher was manufactured.

Open the door to the SHU5315 dishwasher by lifting up the latch in the centre of the door, then pulling out.

Locate the sticker on the right side of the door. The sticker will contain the model number and the serial number of your specific dishwasher.

Identify the serial number, which begins with "FD" and is followed by eight characters.

Look at the fourth number from the left of the serial number, excluding the "FD." This number represents the year in which the dishwasher was manufactured. For example, if the serial number is "FD33415654," then the dishwasher was manufactured in 2001.

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