How to Repair Asphalt Speed Bumps

Speed bumps made of asphalt are superior to the modern removable speed bumps because asphalt is more solid. The removable speed bumps become loose after just a short time of use. That is not to say that asphalt speed bumps do not have problems. They can chip and crumble, however they can be repaired much easier than removable speed bumps. With the right materials and knowledge the asphalt speed bumps can be repaired in an hour or two.

Use a pick axe to chip out all the loose asphalt around the affected area of the speed bump. You need to chip out any loose pieces so the new asphalt has solid old asphalt to which it can be secured.

Using a broom and a shovel sweep the area completely to remove any small pieces of asphalt and other debris. The cleaner the area is the more chance that the patch will last.

Fill in the area with the cold patch asphalt repair. It is called cold patch because it does not need to be heated when applied like regular asphalt. Ensure the entire area is filled in with the cold patch.

Stamp the cold patch with a stamping tool to make sure it is packed solidly into the affected area. Stamping is important because it makes the cold patch more dense and likely to last longer.

Things You'll Need

  • Cold patch asphalt repair
  • Pick axe
  • Shovel
  • Broom
  • Stamping tool
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