How to Find My Former Driver License Number

Updated April 17, 2017

Once you become legal to drive you receive a driver license number, issued to you on a driver license card. This number helps identify you as a driver and allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep a detailed report on your driving history. This number can change if you move out of state, become a victim of identity theft, or otherwise need to change your driver license number, and sometimes even by renewing your original license. You can search and find a former driver license number, either in person or online.

Check old driver license cards. If you can find any of your old cards, you should see the driver license number printed clearly on the front.

Visit a local DMV office. Inform them that you are interested in finding a former driver license number, provide them with identification if required to confirm your identity, and a representative there should have no problem providing you with this information.

Search for a former driver license number online. By providing basic information to DMV online relating to the driver license in question, such as your name, former address, and birth date, you can obtain a former driver license number. For instance, if you obtained the driver license in question in the state of California, visit that state's DMV website and provide information to request your driver record (see Resources below). This record includes information such as the driver license number in question, current status, the expiration date and any restrictions on the license.


Be wary of giving out personal information to non-governmental or unverified websites; the information could be used for crimes like identity theft.

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