How to Replace Brita Filters

Updated November 21, 2016

Brita filters are designed to remove contaminants and chemicals from common tap water. Each Brita filter contains activated carbon, which serves to reduce the taste and odour of chlorine found in tap water. Brita pitcher and faucet filtration systems require unique filters. Replacement filters are commonly available at grocery stores, pharmacies and general merchandise retailers.

Lift the lid from the Brita pitcher and remove the old filter from the water reservoir.

Soak the replacement filter in cold water for 15 minutes. Afterward rinse the filter beneath running cold water for several seconds.

Line the notch on the side of the filter with the groove inside the pitcher water reservoir. Insert the filter into the reservoir. Press firmly down. Brita recommends discarding the first two pitchers full of water.

Replace the Brita pitcher lid and press the electronic indicator button atop the lid until all four bars appear on the indicator. Release the button once all four bars appear. Replace the filter once all four bars have disappeared.

Turn the tap off before attempting to remove the old Brita filter.

Press the filter cartridge release button on the back of the filter cup. Lift the cartridge from the filter cup to remove.

Turn the replacement Brita filter so that the filter insert groove is aligned with the groove on the filter cup. Holding the base of the filter cup for support, insert the cartridge onto the filter cup so that it clicks in place. Some models will have a flashing green light to indicate that the filter has been engaged.

Turn the filter handle to indicate "Brita" water setting. The setting designates between filtered and unfiltered water.

Run the tap for five minutes. Replace the filter once the life indicator turns red.

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