How to find the name of a person living at a particular address

Written by emile heskey | 13/05/2017
How to find the name of a person living at a particular address
Finding someone's name using their an address is a simple process. (address image by Aleksander from

Although it is simple to look someone up knowing their name but not their address, the reverse is even simpler. If you know someone's address, then you have a solid means of contacting them, which can be used to find other information about them. Finding the name of a person living at a particular address is a simple process, which can be done without specific technology or equipment. Whether the address is in the same town, state or even country as you live in will influence the methods you use.

Find where the address is using Google Maps. This can be done by entering the zip code into Google Maps. You can also enter your own zip code, which will tell you the distance and directions from your house to the address. If it is close, you can go to the house in person, which will be the method most likely to produce a result. Knock on the door and introduce yourself, or check the name on the mailbox.

Send a letter to the house, if you do not want to go there in person. Address the letter "To Whom it May Concern." Be sure to hand write the letter to avoid it being thrown away as junk mail. State your business in the letter, and include a return address or contact details.

Use a reverse address lookup site to help you find the person, if they do not return your letter. Sites such as the Yellow Pages online allow you to search people by address. Click on the "Find a Person by Address" link, enter the address, and Yellow Pages will give you a name.

Try entering the address of the house into a search engine. With the rise of sites such as LinkedIn and social networking websites, people increasingly can be found on the Internet. By searching the address in Google, you may find a name, which will solve your query or provide you with valuable information.

Hire a private investigator. A private investigator will be easily able to find a name given an address, although this method will be expensive and probably extremely invasive for the person involved.

Contact the police, who will be able to find the name of the person who lives at the address. Depending on your reason for wanting the name, the police may or may not share the details with you.

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