How to Print Your Own Bicycle Decals

Making decals is easy to do on a home printer. Decals can be used to decorate bikes or trikes for a special look. You can put a name on a bike, a special design, or simply add more flowers or flames to a current bike design. By making decals at home, you have the freedom to create anything you wish. Decal paper can be purchased at most craft stores or online.

Open a new document in a word processing program or an art program, such as Paint or Adobe Illustrator. This is where you will be designing your decal.

Write any words or draw any designs for your decal. Keep in mind that they need to be small or in a straight line to fit the bars of a bike. You can print numerous designs on one sheet of decal paper. You will just need to cut them apart once printed.

Select "Print" on your program. It is located in different places on each program, but is typically under the "File" tab. You can print more than one, if you want to have several decals saying the same thing.

Feed the decal paper into your printer one page at a time. The paper is thicker than normal paper, and you don't want it to get stuck.

Allow the fresh ink on the decal paper to dry for at least five minutes before moving or touching. Once dry, cut closely around the printed areas to get your design.

Affix the decal to the appropriate places on the bars of your bike.


White ink can only be printed using ALPS printers. If you don't have that type of printer, but still want white in your design, purchase white decal paper, instead of clear.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Decal paper
  • Scissors
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