How to find free divorce records

Updated April 17, 2017

Records of marriage, birth, death and even decrees of divorce are all on public record and available upon individual request from vital records offices. These records can usually be accessed by personal appeal to a state vital records office. The problem comes in knowing exactly where to find these offices and how to access the records cheaply and easily, however, it can be done.

Appeal to the vital records office in the state in which the couple filed for divorce. Since divorce records are public, individuals can appeal for copies of the records, but you must provide a reason why you are requesting the records and should include the specific names of the individuals with as much identifying information as possible, such as birthdays, date of marriage and year of divorce. You can find state vital record office addresses at the Center for Disease Control website.

Visit websites such as PeopleRecords and Vital Rec for free initial searches. They charge for full access to records.

Access ZabaSearch to find information about the location of individuals, which can help to narrow down which state's vital record office you will need to appeal to for vital records information.


Be concise and professional in your letter to the vital records office and give a specific reason why you are requesting the records. Provide an self-addressed stamped envelope when you send your request.

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