How to Get Rid of Suckers From a Plum Tree

Updated February 21, 2017

No doubt plums are great trees: They produce delicious fruit and ornate your landscape with delicate flowers and uncommon purple leaves. The trees are also winter hardy and it's likely at least one species in one of the three plum groups -- European, Japanese and Damson -- is adapted to your area's growing conditions. But the problem with these trees is that they also produce suckers that often invade neighbouring property and make lawn mowing a challenge. A combination of cultivation and chemicals help you to get rid of them.

Cut all the plum tree suckers back to the base with a pair of shears. Allow the suckers to sprout again.

Spray the young suckers with Sucker-Stopper RTU before they reach 10 inches in height.

Treat wild plum suckers that invade your yard by spraying them with Roundup spray, says Ron Smith, advice columnist with North Dakota State University Extension. This method eliminates plum suckers temporarily, requiring you to reapply the chemical when they sprout again.


Don't spray plum trees with herbicides if you eat their fruit.

Things You'll Need

  • Shears
  • Sucker-Stopper RTU herbicide
  • Roundup herbicide
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